NINA co's collezione zero sperimentazioni features a wide range of colours that span the traditional tones of nature and more lively urban colours. The result is a combination of eco-techno mood, which draws from the past while being oriented towards the future. Colour, detail and continuous innovation sums up NINA co's style. The quality of the products is emphasised by the linear and geometric design. The innovative materials and the use of fine netting, which is woven according to ancient traditions, makes the collection modern and original. 

The netting, which is generally associated and used for industrial purposes, provides a significant artistic element to the collezione zero sperimentazioni. Through traditional craft ideas of femininity are rendered spontaneous and disenchanted. 

NINA co's products are exclusively crafted in small workshops, whose high standards maintain the value of "Made In Italy". Rigorous quality control of all NINA co's creations and full transparency at every stage of production, ensures high quality and unique products.